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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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brown was killed. thanks for watching. the refugee crisis is said to be a burden the world must share. i'm nick clark live from al jazeera headquarters in doha. also ahead, lifting hopes, more survivors found in the rubble two days after taiwan's earthquake. bursting into song, the departure have the president, but now there's a vacuum to fill
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in haiti. one of the most dangerous mines in the world. german and turkish leaders have held talks in ankara on the refugee crisis. turkey has the largest population of refugees. even more are trying to enter. germany has taken in the biggest amount of asylum seekers, most of syrians. it is said to be a burden for all of humanity. jewel turkey is willing to help, but it is not a problem of turkey alone. it is not simply a problem of germany and the e.u., but for all humanity. >> we need to find a legal way with certain contingents for legal migration towards europe, because we said we want to share this task. >> stephanie decker has more on the turkish-syrian border.
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>> these specific issues were highlighted by german chancellor angela merkel and how to together combat this refugee crisis. she said they had to tackle illegal migration and she called it looking at the human trafficking networks. there was talk about using the naval ships that patrol the coast and could potentially between turkey and greece, talk of nato getting involved when it comes to surveillance. she admitted that turkey could not handle this alone, that this country hosts the most amount of syrian refugees, but it had to be done legally. how that would be tack would is unclear. that's a difficult situation. the discussion between both sides comes at a timely time, certainly with the ongoing campaign of the syrian regime backed by russian air support which is making tens of thousands of people leave their homes. we've had reports of 33 syrian refugees dying off the coast of
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turkey today, so it is a pressing issue, but people will tell you if you do not solve the conflict across the border, it is going to be very difficult to solve and manage the refugee crisis. >> at least 33 refugees died after their boats sank trying to cross turkey into greece. one group set off from the western port trying to reach lesbos. the others died after their boat capsized in the bay. the turkish coast guard is searching for 14 refugees still believed to be missing. 17 people were rescued. independent u.n. investigators issued a report documenting alleged war crimes in syria. it focuses on deaths of detainees held by government opposition and so-called extremist groups. may not have been caused by injuries sustained during torture and abuse by syrian security or by rival groups. the report also notes that a person has emerged since the start of the conflict in which
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civilians were arbitrarily arrested for supporting the opposition. >> u.n. commission member says the syrian government has conducted killings on a massive scale using state resources. >> over 500 interviews rewarding conduct of state officials in government detention facilities were examined in detail. this information helped us establish solutional procedures and policies and how killings were organized and carried out. killings and deaths described in this report occurred with high frequency. now after four years and a half, we are able to establish how this high frequency over a long period of time and in multiple locations with significant logistical support are described
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in detail in the report, high ranking officials in hospitals as well as government were aware that deaths on a massive scale were occurring. nobody condition deny it knowledge of this. >> rescuers in taiwan are pulling survivors from the debris of a collapsed building two days after an earthquake. more than 100 are believed to be trapped in the wreckage. 38 people have been killed, but the mayor says the toll is likely to rise. fortress dents, it's been a grime start to a new year, as rob mcbride reports. >> a short distance from the collapsed building, this temple is busier than usual. new year's work shippers join volunteers who have come to this part of taiwan to help in the rescue. >> the earthquake made us very
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fearful and we are still afraid. >> we pray to the gods for those who are still trapped inside. >> this tragedy has overshadowed the lunar new year for many in taiwan but may have stirred others to join the communal efforts doing whatever they can, even offering up prayers in the hope more lives can be saved. >> on the grounds of the temple, some of the volunteer groups and charities have made their base. this team came from central taiwan. on his first mission, he helped save a life. >> although we can't be with our families, if we can save someone's life, then it's worthwhile. >> at the apartment complex, that collapsed trapping hundreds inside, rescuers continue to find survivors, but time is running out. rescuers have to decide whether to bring in heavy lifting gear
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to reach anybody trapped blow this mountain of rubble. the danger is causing further collapse that might endanger life. for relatives of those still inside, it might be their only hope. rob mcbride, al jazeera, taiwan. three afghan solers have been killed in a suicide talk in a northern province. they were traveling on a bus near their army base. in a other military staff are wounded seriously. the taliban claimed responsibility. japan is preparing tougher sanctions against north korea after its rocket launch. there's been tension at the border between north and south korea. a north koreaen patrol boat moved south of the boundary in the yellow sea. we have more. >> less than 24 hours after north korea's rocket launch, a reminder of the fact that the south korea side is very much on high alert for any further what
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they call provocations from north korea. the south korea defense ministry saying a north korea boat came past the more time border at 6:55 a.m. five warning shots were fired by vessel or vessels of the south koreaen navy and that that north koreaen naval boat retreated within about 20 minutes, the incident was over. a heightened alert status would be maintained. there is no schedule for the president on this new year holiday day. it is lunar new year across asia, a very good holiday in south korea,le as well. south korea has already said it will expand its loud speaker broadcast broadcasting propaganda in response to sunday's rocket launch. a lot of focus here as in other
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countries concern is on the u.n. security council after that new jersey meeting sunday, pressure being brought to bear on china to support much tougher new sanctions against north korea in response to both the january 6 nuclear test and sunday's rocket launch. >> state television's been beaming images of fireworks of the rocket launch. it shows hundred was people attending a parade in pyongyang followed by a 10 minute fire work display. kim jong-un was not seen at the event. >> the united nations is urging haiti to quickly form a new government after the president stepped down. parliament must choose a caretaker president until a long delayed runoff election can be held. we have this report from port-au-prince. haitians were supposed to celebrate carnival and the handover to a newly elected president on sunday.
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instead, protestors filled streets near the presidential palace and carnival festivities canceled due to fears of violence. yet again, haitians do not have a president. protestors say they won their first battle. president marteli stepped down after his term came to an end. they'd accused him of coneyism. they say their next tight is to ensure a delayed presidential election is free of corruption. violence left one soldier dead. the party will elect an interim president. the hope is elections will take place in april and a new president scorn into office in mid may. >> it is very important to
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ensure safety in the country and this is a major step. >> one thing is certain, haiti's next president will face a population struggling with a lack of jobs, staggering poverty and sense of hopelessness. al jazeera, port-au-prince, haiti. the names of nominees for myanmar's next president have negotiations on with the military to remove the constitutional hurdle. al jazeera i guess told they are exploring ways for her to become president. >> we will suspend the section
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59f. if we can, i think there will be no restriction for her to become penalty and we can elect her easily. >> coming up on the program: >> i'm jonah hull on the cross channel ferry. in months, these waters could separate the european union from break away britain. >> celebrations from superbowl 50, as well, where the denver bronco he's are crowned as champion.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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>> german and turkish leaders holding talks in ankara on the growing syrian refugee crisis, saying it is a burden the world must share. rescuers pulling survivors from the debris of a collapsed this two days after an earthquake hit taiwan. more than 100 are still believed trapped in the wreckage. 38 people are confirmed dead. >> the united nations urges haiti to quickly confirm a new government after the president stepped down. parliament is to choose a caretaker president until a long delayed run i don't have can be held. the political crisis has caused months of unrest. in the turkish capital, german chancellor angela merkel is not just appalled by horrified by the suffering in
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syria caused by the bombing. >> we were shocked to see the suffering caused by the government bombardment and russian jets. the resolution in december which russia did agree to, any operations against civilians is demanded to be cease. respect of this resolution will be demanded which was signed by russia. >> 13 people have been killed and several others injured. rebels are fighting for their surviving in the region. government forces captured several towns leading to fears they could encircle aleppo city. we look at what's happening on the ground. >> the battlefield in as her i can't is a crowded one with hundreds of thousands of fighters representing various interests. last week, the syrian government backed by hezbollah and iranian fighters plus russian air power launch would its heaviest offensive yet in the northern province of aleppo. syrian government forces are now
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20 kilometers from the turkish border. they're consolidating control over the town. from there, they aim to advance toward the main rebel stronghold but government forces also want to surround the city of aleppo and are advancing toward the town. russian air strikes have been targets it since sunday. >> we have the very late evident from northern aleppo. >> the tragic situation is getting worse in aleppo's northern country side. yesterday, we spoke to officials at the crossing who i confirm the number of displaced people exceeded 70,000 and conditions for displaced people are worse. they left with no safe exit by the crossing point at the border with turkey especially because the regime forces advancing in the countryside while size as i will fighters retreat to the east and people's protection
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units are to the west. the kurdish units seized control of a village in the northern country side. this will exacerbate the situation as they close in where the crossing is. the regime is fragmenting the city of aleppo and now the northern countryside is besieged and residents can only leave the area through idlib. there are two options, cross into turkey or pass through the areas controlled by the kurdish units into idlib. after coordination with and approval by those units. respondents in the heart of aleppo have only one option. the western countryside to i see lib and the crossing. the city will be under a total siege similar to homs in the past and madaya now. the opposition is now helpless
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as the russian jets play a big role in the battles causing the regime forces to advance and armed opposition to lose all of aleppo. amid this, the humanitarian situation is dire, especially since aleppo and its northern countryside were bombed by missiles launched from the caspian sea, paving the way for the regime forces to advance more. the kurdish units are taking advantage of the armed opposition and advancing and seizing control of towns and villages close to the countryside of aleppo. >> the u.n. mission in marlee is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. international troops are trying to bring stability after years of conflict. last friday, a group linked to al-qaeda caused a constant threat of attack. >> the sun falls on timbuktu and the nice shift tarts.
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this nigerian unit came under attack last friday when al-qaeda exploded a car bomb and you said one of its bases. the u.n. police provide support to its local counterparts. >> when the residents spot suspicious behavior or strange things, they call to us verify what is going on. >> the city is on permanent lockdown, no vehicles are allowed in or out after 630 in the evening and there are constant power outages. >> normally, this is one of the most important mosques. we can't see anything, because there are no lights. they are still patrolling for a short block. they are pretty scared to do this when there's no electricity. >> the u.n. mission in mali has 10,000 soldiers helping stabilize the country after a fight for independence in the north. the mission is one of the most dangerous in the world. sixty soldiers have been killed since its creation in 2013. >> it's a dangerous time to
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operate. we are fully equipped. we have good equipment and training. >> the swedish contingent in charge of intelligence replaced some of the risky human reconnaissance with drones. timbuktu's glorious days of gold markets and merchant car vans are gone. the city faces all kinds of armed groups. hotels are empty and a third of the population is armed. these men return to the city after a peace deal was signed between the government and the coalition of separatist rebels. al-qaeda linked groups were not part of the deal. >> if there is no development, there won't be peace. these men are armed and all signed that a peace deal. they can't eat sand to survive. there is nothing more than sand in this desert. >> they keep an eye on the port outside timbuktu.
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the police commander says she is aware that the u.n. mission is the target. >> we say hello and explain what we are doing here. we ask if they need anything and get feedback. >> the u.n. mandate now includes the protection of civilians, a goal for a force that has to maintain peace in a theater of war. al jazeera, timbuktu, mali. a third of our four part series in the widening contraction in the european union has grown to 28 members in the pursuit of economic stability. now integration and ever closer union may be no more. >> in a matter of months, britain is expected to hold a referendum to decide the country's future alongside its chief trading partners in the european union. successive waves of crisis battering the eu have bolstered euro skeptic opinion on both
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sides of these channel waters, a welcome boost for populace like the u.k. unless party. the e.u. us diminishing economic area. it's g.d.p. is diminishing, it's whole share of world trade is diminishing. there is an enormous and exciting opportunity for countries, in particular obviously i'm talking about britain outside of the e.u. why would you shackle yourself to this declining era? >> nobody con predict the consequences of britain's exit from the e.u. it could be an economic blow for both sides, for britain, it could signal another possible referendum but it is likely to be an encouraging max for europe's many and growing pop lift euro skeptic parties. not least of which is france's front national, the national front. it along with european
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parliamentary partners in belgium, netherlands and austria are thought to have made gains after the 2015 attacks in france. it's no longer traditionally older voters swept up in a public discourse that rolls i want allegation and terrorism into one. >> since the terrorist attacks last year, they have a new public, which includes the young who vote for the front national simply because they are afraid of radical islam and its ability to kill. >> a best selling cartoon satire imagines a france in which national front leader marine lepen becomes president. while few believe that day will come soon, she and her party are no friends of the e.u. >> we are made up of nations. there is a french nation, there is an english nation, an american nation, a brazilian nation. that's how things work best, and
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in that context, the european project is bad, the euro is bad and above all, the destruction of borders bolt within europe and at its outer edges is a very bad thing. >> it is a view that resonates with one in three french voters and commands a sizeable chunk of the european parliament, while parties push a break up the e.u., the national front and others work from within to degrade its policies and institutions. together, they undermine the e.u.'s historic mission of ever closer union. known in a hull, al jazeera, paris. >> you can watch the final installment of our series. we'll be in finland, which has been in recession for four years. many are asking if it's time for a referendum on leaving the e.u. the pakistani american convicted in the united states for aiding the 2008 mumbai
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attacks has testified in an indian court via video link. sentenced for 35 years, he admitted to help plan attacks that killed 164 people. in december, he was granted immunity in exclang for helping the court as a witness. he said he is went to mumbai seven times before the talk to find potential targets for the pakistan based group. there was panic in a school near the indian city after a leopard strayed into its compound. it attacked a man near a swimming pool. four others have been injured trying to catch the animal. it was later captured and sedated. several -- organizers say beiging's ambassador warned there could be consequences
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unless art works were removed. we have this report now from dhaka. >> it could be about censorship itself, five art pieces covered up. these five panels contain letters written by self emulators who burned themselves to death in protest of china's occupation of tibet. when the chinese ambassador visited this art summit. he according to one of the cure raters exploded, demanding the works be taken down or would be consequences. we don't know what the consequences might be, but they worried not suffering these works up could jeopardize holding such future events. china has been increasing its role in bang bang recently, seeing it as important for its connectivity to the indian
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ocean. artists here are worried that along with the manufacturing output, china could be exporting its censorship abroad. the denver broncos won the superbowl. ♪ >> it began with lady gaga hitting the high notes and ended with a superbowl victory for the deng bronx. field goal and a touchdown in the first quarter gave them an early lead against the carolina panthers. >> we applied in so many games this year. we have confidence in those games that we could grind, play defense and find a way to win. >> the panthers were 13-7 down at half time. ♪ that's when a global audience of 160 million people watched performances by cold play,
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beyonce and bruno mars. the panthers down by six had their last turnover in the fourth quarter. >> we dropped balls, we turned the ball over, threw errant passes. that's it, they scored more points than we did. >> the broncos won 24-10. >> we have the greatest talent, man, from rushers to inside guys to linebackers, to safety, the corners, there's nobody better than us. >> it's a second superbowl ring for 39-year-old quarterback peyton manning, but he wouldn't say if this was his last game. >> i think i'll make a good decision and i think i'll be at peace with it, whichever way it goes. i'm looking forward to too night being with my family and my friends and some teammates in celebrating this special victory acknowledge special win. >> manning winning the showdown
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with the league's most valuable player as the broncos celebrate their first superbowl victory in 17 years. al jazeera. for more news, check out, is the address. less than 24 hours before voting begins in new hampshire. a surprise new candidate in second place for the gop. weakness is not an option. >> the united nations considers new sanction in response to north korea's launch of a long-range rocket. days after a powerful earthquake rattles taiwan, crews hold out hope in the search for survivors. ♪